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I have a Volvo V70 D5s estate 2002 vintage which has been showing

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I have a Volvo V70 D5s estate 2002 vintage which has been showing an “ air bag service required” advisory message. The car is due MOT which I am told it will now fail. The message has been there years and the independent garage was unable to clear the message using its diagnostics.
The alarm and side lights flash when the alarm is triggered. Previous error with the alarm was cured about 5 years ago by replacing the inboard computer.
I am told that there may be several possible explanations advisory sign including loose connections under the front passenger seat, and replacing the alarm under the front wheel arch.
I am wary of spending too much on the car (ts annual service, MOT and repair of the warning light) as it is probably worth £1,000.
IS there any way of turning the sign off or of undertaking cheap diagnostics that would help a garage define a fixed price repair?


Hopefully i can help..

The problem with the airbag systems on these or any car matter means that once the ignition is turned each time and the airbag/srs light comes on - is when it goes through is own self test..only then once the airbag/srs ecu doesnt see any fault it will go will only stop giving out those messages once the fault rectified..there isnt any cheap options when it comes to these bar actually testing exactly where that fault is on the airbag system/circuit...Added to that It is well known scanners/code readers not to be able to turn off these warnings/read codes,seen it myself many using the dedicated either dealer too volvo diagnostics VIDA/DiCE which is about the only way when you come against a problem like if the garage your using doesnt have that then you may need to phone around who does/maybe a mobile diagnostic tech or volvo independant specialist..Of course things like under seat connectors would have to be checked..but the hard fact reality is it has to be scanned with a higher end scanner to see where that fault is..if its an airbag fault..then options like using an airbag delete resistor in place to take the faulty bag out of the circuit might be one idea...I do hope this helps

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