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I have a 2012 volvo c30 which has done 12000 miles, I am being

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I have a 2012 volvo c30 which has done 12000 miles, I am being told by my volvo dealer that in two years time which is the 70000 mile service that the dpf filter will need changing at a cost of over 1000 pounds. As the car will not have done 70000 miles then do I need to replace the filter. My driving routine includes driving at higher speeds for more that 10 miles. So that this should burn of the particle residue.


Hopefully i can help..

As you may of gathered these generally are self cleaning only if the car is able too..that means anything from short journeys or the car seldom used on trips etc can reduce the life of the DPF itself..To extend the life of any DPF it requires the car to be able to self regenerate and this usually occurrs under high use/motorways journeys etc which i asume you will be doing based on the frequent journeys you note enable the dpf to reach it desired temperature to burn off the excess soot captured - normally these do require checks or possible replacement at the 100,000miles mark..Id say 70,000miles is a bit to early - but normally some filters can last that long provided the filter itself is able to self-regenerate,the correct engine oil is used in regards ***** ***** ash spec.which you should insist when the cars oil/filter is changed...I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else then please just continue before you rate

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