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Robert, UK Qualified Car Technician
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I have a s40 Volvo - it had to get towed in by the A.A.

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Hi I have a s40 Volvo - it had to get towed in by the A.A. Cut a long story short I had a differing of opinions by the Volvo franshise mechanics.
I got a independent who did a camera check of the engine and discovered that it was a starter motor part that was wrong. He has been looking forone for two months now and I fear that the car is suffering from stagnation. Are these parts that hard to find?


Did they say exactly what part of the starter was faulty? normally new starters come as complete unit?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I will start at the beginning.I was driving along when the onboard computer told me the engine was losing power and to stop right away.

The engine cut out and I was forced to contact A.A. A.A then said he thought it was the drive chain and took me and the car to Volvo.

They charged £90 to strip part of the engine ( an hour ) and after that they could not tell me if any damage to engine. So I hired a flat-bed transit and took the car home.

I then contacted a mobile garage who stripped the engine and came to the conclusion that there was no damage to the engine and it was part of the starter motor that was at fault. He said it might be hard to get hold of ( 7 weeks ago ) I have no idea what part it is. I would be interested to know if there are any free lance Volvo repair garages in the inverness area.


It would be interesting to know what part they refer to on the starter motor..normally like you'll know yourself if the starter is at fault . then normally you just replace the complete im not to sure why its taken upto 7 weeks when you can find quite easily online etc starter motors..and i do know you'll have the likes of Dingbro up there or autosave that sell cars parts and normally can trace down parts.used them myself quite often..or as a last resort Volvo itself ...but i just cant see how the starter could allow the car to loose power and then stall completely unless the starter was still engaged or suddenly engaged when the engine was running..only way to know would be to get out the starter and investiagte then..? If there was any engine warning lights on then that would of no doubt of helped diagnose if it was a chain/chain jump problem fault codes maybe in regards ***** ***** sensor signal out of sync you know these people locally to you,i note they do servicing for older Volvo's so might be worth contacting them if you haven't been to them already of course... Ian Cattanach Car Sales,*****South, Inverness, IV3 8EX

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes that was good advice - thank you and no - I did not know Ian Cattanach did older Volvo's.

I will give the mechanic I have at the moment a chance to explain the delay in getting a part.

Then at least I know I have a fall-back.--------All the best Robert

Hi..there..thats no problem at all..would be nice to know how you get on with the car/repair wise...

In the meantime if you could rate my responce above then it would be most appreciated..regards Robert

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi again Robert on your recommendation I approached Iain Cattanach and he has agreed to take the car in tomorrow and look at it.

I have Ross recovery coming tomorrow to uplift the Volvo - we live in a very remote area.

Thanks again I will let you know how I get on for your own interest----all the best Davie s

Thats good read Davie..that he's willing to take a look at for you..7 weeks is just to long to be honest with out any following up of thr progress on aquiring the part? ..but yep if you could would be interesting to know..

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Robert

There must be a problem with the site as I have responded to your advice and recommended you.

I also followed your advice and went to Iain Cattanach. His mechanics found the cause:- Starter motor + oil leak between gearbox crankshaft ( might be breather )

Garages are all too busy at the moment so I am stuck!


It good to hear there is some progress with it unfortunatly at a busy time,which i know myself in my garage hasnt been quiet..however i shouldnt see being a wait like you have already 7weeks upto starters for these should be quite easily obtainable if not locally then online and sent up... But if you could "rate" the answer above that would be most appreciated..should you need to ask anything further then just continue on this post..regards Rob

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