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my 2003 s80 message come up brake fluid check level also

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my 2003 s80 message come up brake fluid check level also my abs is showing temporally disengaged service due
is it safe to drive what should be my next cause of action and can any mechanice fix or does it need dealership to sort out


One of the best places to start ideally is your brake fluid reservior and see what the level is like..if its low then you can top it up...but a full inspection of the entire brake fluid system/lines/calipers etc has to be checked for leaks if that level has dropped somewhat..and would require to be rectified asap...the abs disengaged message could be due to brake fluid message warning./but you can still drive the car without abs as the hydraulic side of the braking system should be still operational..but they can diagnsotically check the abs system to see what faults codes its has stored...any reputable garage should be able to carry that and as does not have to be a probably advise a good reputable mobile mechanic in your area if you have one,to come to the car instead..maybe check yellow pages etc..but if a garage is required you can check this site for local ones i do hope this helps

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