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Robert, UK Qualified Car Technician
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Experience:  Fully qualified 19+yrs exp/self employed technician in the UK
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Robert, my problem is with 2003 volvo v40 with b4204

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Hello Robert, my problem is with 2003 volvo v40 with b4204 engine-2.0 petrol, non turbo but with vvti. cambelt has come off, not snapped,two years old and 20,000mls since fitted. dont know why yet-water pump replaced at same time as timing belt kit. - is this an interference engine or is it worth fitting a belt kit and giving it a try?


Indeed it is an interference engine sadly - so its more than likely there has been some sort of valve damage has occurred a result of the timing belt coming off - having said that..A timing belt shouldnt just come off especially within that short space of time from when it was replaced - so something hasnt been properly carried out during the installation - Have you spoken to fitting garage about this? - if as you say the water pump wasnt replaced - when it should actually be replaced then obviously its only been a matter of time the water pump pulley failed - when it could of been well avoided when your timing belt was being replaced - when the timing belts replaced on these it has to include a new tensioner / guide pulley / water pump as standard practice - however the only way to know if damage has occurred and to what need to re-time the engine back up with a new belt kit etc..and then carry out a compression test or cylinder leakage test that will comfirm so to speak in regards ***** ***** its worth giving a try? its entirely upto you on that one whether you want to spend money on it - perosnally speaking it is fairly old car now and repairs especially if it means getting the cylinder head off to repair and what ever else damage has been done in regards ***** ***** pistons - it wouldnt be worth it..

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