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I am considering buying a used Volvo estate first time

Customer Question

I am considering buying a used Volvo estate for the first time and have 2 different models in mind. Firstly I have looked at an emaculate 2005 V50 2.0D SE. The private owner has a complete service history all from one Volvo garage but he has been told by Volvo that the cam belt does not need changing until 150,000 and as the mileage is 97,000 it has never been changed. However I have also looked at a 2004 V40 1.9DS with 100,000 miles on the clock and have been told the cam belt has been changed but there is no record of this. Am I right in thinking the discrepency is due to the different models/engines? Also can you look to see if the cam belt has been changed recently or not? I have also heard and read a lot about the fly wheel being a large expense, is there any way when looking over a car you can tell whether that is likely to need changing soon? Thanks Wendy F
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.


The 1.9D in the v40 is a Renault engine - The 2.0D Ford/PSA Peugeot engine - as far as belt changes goes..normally people dont wait till the 100/150,000 miles mark but rather have it done sooner say around every 80,000mile mark - sadly the only way to check these belts is to get the covers off to inspect those..and alot of sellers wouldnt be up for somebody to come along and do such checks..Its is strange though that on the 1.9d the belt has been done but there is no record/garage reciept to show its been done..have you checked the timing cover for the timing belt change sticker? sometimes this can be stuck to the timing belt cover or somewhere within the engine bay or even in the service book to say when its been done and when the next change is due..if there is nothing - then have you asked the seller what garage they got it done the garage who did the work should have a record of it by registration..if not - then its likely not have been done...and id say the v50 would be the better one to consider looking at - As far as the DMFs go..then no you cant visually inspect those without removing the gearbox..but you can listen and feel for any unusual vibrations from the clutch pedal at bite and when driving along/underload..also listen for any rattling from the gearbox bellhousing when the clutch operated..if the cars have towbars fitted and been used as such towing caravans..then this again may give some history as to it being a car for towing and thus if the clutch hasnt been renewed then you maybe looking at that being issue in the future..I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then please do before you rate