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Just put 0.8litre of petrol into the car. Advice?

Customer Question

Just put 0.8litre of petrol into the car. Advice?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
Hello and Welcome.
My name is ***** ***** Im happy to help / advise..
0.8 litre of petrol - in the tank with what you already had - plus - Im assuming you then filled up with diesel - that will be ok , that won't cause you any troubles.
If you haven't filled it up though, you should asap.. that will dilute it so to speak ... then that amount won't cause you any issues.
Let me know how you go..and / or let me know if you need anything further on this..
~~~>>>>>>~ Meanwhile - Please do click on the "Exc / Ok rating" for me at this time.. Thank you in advance for that . ..
Note that you can get back to me anytime at all after doing the rating - it doesn't close you out -
- Best Rgds, MIKE.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello, appreciate your answer which confirms what I suspected..but I decided to go through my insurance/breakdown to get the car drained and flushed. I couldn't afford to lose or damage the car so felt the risk was too great.In my defence....although I can't prove it, I'm pretty sure that the nozzles at the pump had been swapped over and I just wasn't paying attention. My own fault.Thanks again.
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
Hello again -
Thank you for your reply and info.
Im very glad to have helped - and glad you got it sorted out. I understand the reasons you did that - for future ref though, it does all depend on how much you put in of course but such a small amount would not be a problem.. though lets hope it doesn't happen again -- but you are not the first -and you wont be the last !
It is interesting what you say about the nozzles - a petrol nozzle should not physically fit in a petrol car tank - they are designed that way to try and help stop this issue... though it does happen. That too though depends on the age of the car.
Im glad you are all sorted though -
Just one thing , per the way justanswer works, I do just need you to now to click on the OK ratings for me at this point - Thank you -
You are welcome back anytime.
Kind Rgds., MIKE.