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Our 10 plate, 85000 mile Volvo XC90 was not accelerating correctly

intermitantly on the M5 in... Show More
intermitantly on the M5 in August. Also, on attempting to overtake, the car would be flat out at 45 or so mph.
I suspected that it could be a fuel filter issue. The Volvo main dealer said not, as the code 1890 indicated that the Swirl flaps needed to be replaced (coked up, broken rod). They did this and I paid £1500.
2 hours later, I took the car back as it was even worse.
The garage said that a tube (bottom of intercooler) had com loose. This was fixed.
The car was still not performing (At all points - it goes into Limp / safe mode intermittently if the accelerator is floored. No warning lights).
A separate garage ran diagnostics and reported some of (1517, 1540 and 1600 codes)
We took the car back to the first garage.
3 months later, they now say we need a new turbo with the three above codes now being reported. The turbo is not obviously broken. There is some wear. Circa £2000.
Question: Was the Swirl Flap replacement needed? Could the incorrectly fixed tube have caused the turbo problems. Does the turbo really need replacing? Could it be something else?
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From the codes you have I would try new turbo control valve they can cause all those codes
Turbo is possible but if the Valve is bad turbo will not work or vacuum hoses broken to turbo from turbo control valve
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
Apparently the garage has checked / replaced these. Is the turbo the last thing to change?
Turbo would be last to change yes