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Enes, Volvo Master Technician
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I have recently bought a 2011 XC70 D5 AWD with 52000 miles on the clock. I have noticed at

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I have recently bought a 2011 XC70 D5 AWD with 52000 miles on the clock. I have noticed at motorway speeds that the drive train is noisier than I expected and I can sense it working through the seat of my chair and accelerator pedal. It's not coming from a specific area like a bearing or rear diff issue but just a general increase in noise and slight vibration. It spoils an otherwise lovely ride. I have carefully put the car in neutral whilst coasting and confirm it is not coming from the engine as engine revs do not effect it.
Also when coasting at a specific speed there is a small judder as the drive train takes up the slack when power is gently applied to keep the car at that speed.
Is what I am experiencing just the nature of the AWD system or do I have an issue which needs looking at?
transmission drive train do not make as much noise i would look at transfer case bearings and drive shaft joints and also you can remove alternator belt and drive to see if noise goes away in case something on drive belt pulleys is noise
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