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When my engine light turns yellow on my dash board i use a

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when my engine light turns yellow on my dash board i use a scanner to detect fault codes and the same ones seem to keep on appearing but there is one code in the A/T section all i get is a linking error and therefore cannot seem to delete it .. my car is a 2002 golf gti and runs like a dream are these fault codes serious ?


Did you garage tell you what fault codes was logged before they deleted them? and did they retest the car to ensure these code didnt come back?

What scanner are you using?

I asume the cars an Automatic?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
they wrote the faults down for me and ran the car and the light didnt come back on for a few weeks but when it did come back on i got the fault reader and the codes that were shown corresponded with the faults they had written down they are 16804 17704 19722 and 17928 i deleted them and a week or so later the light came on again and i did the same again but the 19722 code didnt show up but the other 3 did so ideleted them again and the lights gone off again .. the car isnt automatic btw and the code reader i used is a U281 memo scanner


The two id be more inclined to have checked out is 16804/19722 both of which are cataylist and oxygen sensor fault bank 1..could well be bad post lambda sensor before cat converter might be causing the cataylist efficency fault unless the cat converter is gone in itself..not really somthing to overlook - 17704 is bad Coolant temperature sensor..again this sensor is primary for the ecu to know what temperature the engine is at coolant system wise to alter fuel/ might be something to replace maybe.... Also im not sure why you would be trying to get into A/T which normally is for Automatics or DSG boxes that are TCM controlled..being that yours is a manual then the scanner will obviously not see any transmission ecu codes hence the link error

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thankyou Robert they did say bring it back if the light came on and if i was worried they would then take a closer look but the MOT is in september i thought i would wait untill then and tell them about the codes and get it sorted out then as they werent sure if the codes were old faults or new ones and i havent had any problems with the car apart from that light

Yeah i mean if the car seems to run ok as far your concerned - then it maybe worth leaving until the MOT is nearing maybe look into those codes i highlighted above if for emissions...normally if its old codes then they nerver really come back or still listed under history codes depends on the scanner they use to look at those..old codes never cause the engine light to flag up..but as above that about the best things to be checking..I do hope this helps..please dont forget to leave a rating before you log out..much appreciated

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
magic Robert thankyou very much , have a great day fella

No problem Jim..if you ever need to ask anything else or need advice then just ask , Have great weekend