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Enes, Volvo Master Technician
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Expansion tank bubbling up. Engine not overheating. Done

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Expansion tank bubbling up. Engine not overheating. Done head gasket test and ok. Flushed and cleaned radiator. Fan cuts in only when a/c is on, noticed not cutting in on its own, especially when switching off engine that's when hear expansion rumbling. Changed thermostat (Intergrated into housing type - upright) Been told there are no switches or relays on my engine type as all control from ECU. Previous old sorted problem was fan staying on all time but was solved when having a/c recharged. B5244T (T5) Petrol 2006.

if you have no leak >? ac recharge will not do anything for cooling fan as far how it cools engine or stays on , ac is just to cool cabin inside , if you had problem before with cooling fan what you can have is normal for fan to stay up to 10 min after turn off that is in design it runs only when engine was running very hot . what is most common is the cooling fan module goes bad what is part of the cooling fan it self try replacing cooling fan

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi thanks for getting back. Could the cooling fan be faulty by its module even if it comes on when a/c is turned on? I am finding by my monitoring that the bubbling up in expansion is only caused by the fan not coming on by itself as I want it to work with a/c off which it should. Been told fan is ok because it comes on with a/c, but your theory states that the fan could still be faulty by its module. I feel this is correct what you say, as the theory of fan coming on with a/c so it must be ok is wrong. Is it possible for module to play up and not log fault code, as car was plugged in stating no codes, but the fan should come on by itself when required without the a/c use? Correct? Many thanks.! Paul

when is AC IS ON cooling fan can come on and off that is normal function. with ac also engine module can turn ac off on its own if it sees engine running hot . so I would try new cooling fan assembly that square box on cooling is module and is part of cooling fan also I would use new Volvo thermostat if not done so far .

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Enes,I replaced thermostat (with housing upright one ) as first elimination. I know I repeating but the fan should come on with a/c off. Just ran car and on a hot day like today switched off walked away and no fan running then rumbling starts and expansion is bubbling but not blowing over. Think I am going with your theory as just rang my local Volvo dealer and he agreed with what you said after he knows what I be changed. The fan like I said should be running on with engine off without a/c on in conditions we have today. What has put me off trail is turning a/c on to get fan working thinking it cannot be fan now. But it is probably the module as it will not turn on without a/c. Thanks & cheers. Can get around problem as got new Volvo anti freeze in and can Tufnell on a/c in traffic, but this is only temporary I know. Cheers again.