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Enes, Volvo Master Technician
Category: Volvo
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Experience:  18 yrs+. experience as Volvo & ASE Certified Master Technician.
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I need to raise the drivers power seat on my 2016 new Volvo

Customer Question

I need to raise the drivers power seat on my 2016 new Volvo V90 1" above the current maximum height due to my short height. So far little help from Volvo.
I want to avoid using cushion as this would detract from the natural well designed seat support.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  Shantal-Mod replied 1 year ago.
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Expert:  Enes replied 1 year ago.

if you just need to raise height machine shop can build spacer bracket what you will put under seat and space it up to your height it can done

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Enes replied 1 year ago.

i cant close it you paid it only you can do it to close questions is you must press ok ratting that will end it

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello Enes, thank you for your reply. Sorry I am not used to this site as I have only used it for this query alone. Your suggestion was similar to the one I had already thought about before posting my query. This being a brand-new v90 inscription I would have thought that my Volvo dealers would have been more interested in providing me with a solution to the problem. Even contacting I got very little interest from them about the matter. As I have had previous V 70s, not needing this seat to be raised above the maximum I naturally thought that the the v90 would have sufficient electric adjustment to the height. My own solution, and I am not an expert, would be to put 1"spacers between the bolts attaching the seat chassis to the car floor. My only response from Volvo dealers was that there would be too many electrics involved! I am still certain that this could be done but there may well be new car warranty, car insurance and costs and I may well have to put up with a well designed cushion! I am surprised that response as I would have thought that people would understand that the properly raised seat would be safer than merely using a key question or putting up with a two low driving position. I have had seven Volvos since 2011 and are therefore I'm quite surprised I cannot get directly from them. XXXXXXXXXXXX. I even pointed out that in order to get a sound solution I would be prepared to drive over to Sweden. My telephone number is *****
Should you wish to telephone me I will pay you direct. David Branch.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I would like to give you a four-star recommendation, but using this site is quite difficult. Thanks. David branch.
Expert:  Enes replied 1 year ago.

volvo will not do anything from original design to help you what you do and modify will to you and no one will know and i think you will be fine to use spacer or some brackets if you take seat out the metal shop can build copy bracket whaT YOU CAN USE spacer and that would help you to raise to your height . im in chicago usa i did modify older seats also for costumers in past not new one yet but it will be same like on other you must do this of records private volvo will not help

you can press accept green button this will keep up locked and get me positive ratting from you .

Expert:  Enes replied 1 year ago.

if you like i can call you but they will charge you more is cheaper email but if you like i can call you

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Many thanks again, Eynes, for your considered reply, but I know think that the best I can do is to make do with a well chosen cushion until I have really thought this one through again particularly as your suggestion, certainly a good one, was one which I came up with myself some time ago when I thought I would have the same difficulty with my previous Volvo V70. This new V90, purchased by me absolutely new, is a beautiful vehicle and apart from the engine and gearbox, I think, is completely different and so not wanting to waste your time anymore I will endeavour to find a solution, or not as the case may be, nearer home. Kind regards, ***** *****
Expert:  Enes replied 1 year ago.

no problem thank you also if you get chance please do rate the answer for me than you