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Robert, UK Qualified Car Technician
Category: Volvo
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Experience:  Fully qualified 19+yrs exp/self employed technician in the UK
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Dear volvo expert, 120000 miles. Garage states that the

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Dear volvo expert,
120000 miles.
Garage states that the Turbo could go at any time so we should have a new one fitted.
If we replace the Volvo V50 1.6L turbo will the engine still be OK or does it risk breaking it.
What would you advise please ?
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
for we do not change before it goes will it brake the engine when it does ?


Depends on the what way the turbo fails - however replacing it wont damage the engine and the engine should be fine afterwhich..but its always standard during a turbo replacement to include the replacement of the both oil feed and return lines plus of course after thats done the oil and filter replaced.... That being said if its left as it is then you either run the risk of the turbo failing thus leading to complete loss of power/black smoke out the back etc.or if its leaking oil causing the engine to burn oil or fill the intercooler with it...or worse still complete failure of the seals resulting ina run away engine..which essentially means the engine drags and runs on all its own oil through the failed seals in the turbo until the engine destroys itself..that would mean and entire new engine replacement engine after that......Any further questions? if not, then please dont forget to leave a rating..thank you

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