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I have a 2004 v50 diesel motor I have been told it has the

Customer Question

I have a 2004 v50 diesel motor I have been told it has the Peugeot engine, my wife must have put petrol in the tank when she borrowed it, it started having flat spots for a few days then one day would not start called AA, no fuel in line, they banged the tank and said it was probably the in tank fuel filter, did not know about fuel in tank till later, have since been told that their is no pump in the tank, where do I start please.
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Volvo
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I have removed the fuel pump /sender, definitely a sender but no electric pump as such just a housing with sender on side and a big spring coiled around between two housings which looks like it could go up and down to cause suction to lift fuel from tank, hope the disciption of what's in the tank helps, thanks.
Expert:  jeep10000 replied 7 months ago.

Hello and welcome to just answer. This particular Volvo diesel does not use a diesel lift pump. The engineers designed the high pressure injection pump to draw fuel directly from the tank. Have you filled the tank with good clean diesel yet?