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I have a volvo v70 2002. the front windscreen washer does

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i have a volvo v70 2002. the front windscreen washer does not put water out. you can not hear the motor at all. the rear works fine. i do remember when the car was frozen that water came out the rear washer when i used the front washer but i could hear the motor then. i do not think i have tried it since then till now.
Washer pump is most time bad they do go bad
I would check any hoses for leak from pump to front if all hoses are good replace washer pump you will have to take front bumper a part to get to the pump

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
hi there, thanks for getting back to me. is there a separate fuse for the front washer and rear washer motor.
If you have two pumps then two
Fuse. If is single pump
For front and rear then is two fuses
If is single pump is one fuse wrote wrong sorry
Can the rear pump spray water ?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
it is fine
Where you able to pull bumper a part and test pump if you getting power to front pump
You will have to slide bumper off to get access
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